Accumulator and Cooler Division

A marketable advantage to maximize revenues for OEMs

Our product portfolio provides consistent and dependable power and motion control that stabilizes movement (accumulators) and a clean and ambient environment (coolers), providing a marketable advantage to maximize revenues in global OE applications.

Leading Manufacturer of Accumulators and Coolers

The Accumulator and Cooler Division is a leading manufacturer of hydro-pneumatic accumulators and coolers for industrial and mobile applications in North America. Parker offers a broader selection of accumulator products than any other manufacturer, including pistons, bladders and diaphragms, as well as a full range of coolers for industrial and mobile applications.

Where to Buy

Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings, Parker's bladder, piston, diaphragm-type accumulators as well as coolers give engineers the ultimate in design flexibility. Our complete line of accessory products—including clamps, repair kits, and charging and gauging assemblies—making installation and maintenance easy. Find a Parker Accumulator & Cooler Distributor near you today.

Bladder Accumulator Demo Video

Bladder accumulators are excellent for storing energy under pressure, absorbing hydraulic shocks, and dampening pump pulsation and flow fluctuations. They are a cost effective option with fast response time and are compatible with low lubricity fluids. Each type of accumulator has particular advantages and limitations, which should be considered when selecting an accumulator for a specific application.

Product Information

Accumulator and Cooler Division is dedicated to providing our customers and distributors with general information and technical resources, as well as comprehensive support for OEMs. Whether you are looking for instruction manuals, solutions for specific applications, online guides and tools, or simply want to ask a question, we can help.

Selection Assistance

Don't know which air oil cooler will meet your requirements? Or do you have a specific accumulator that you are looking for? To make it easier to find product information, we have consolidated all our accumulator and cooler product information in two online selector tools. You can find specifications, selection and configuration data, system components, and CAD drawings. These online tools will help identify which series or multiple series of parts will meet your application.  

Hoover Dam Blog

Hoover Dam -- one of the most impressive engineering feats of the 20th century – generates hydroelectricity for  millions of homes and businesses across the Southwest, and it’s a constant challenge to keep the vital power source running smoothly. Recently, a team of innovative engineering experts from Parker wrapped up a massive multi-year retrofitting and refurbishing project to make the dam safer and more operationally efficient. Parker's Accumulator and Cooler Division -- a world leader in the development of customized accumulator applications -- was given the assignment to design the best units for Hoover Dam’s unprecedented requirements. Working closely with two of our distributors, Parker was able to implement an ideal, cost-effective solution. 

Amusement Park Blog

Most people enjoy theme parks as a place to get away from work, but for those in the hydraulics industry, they are a place to demonstrate their expertise. Behind many of the rides that make your stomach drop or your eyes blink in amazement, Parker's accumulators are picking up the stresses and enhancing the performances of hydraulic technology. Behind the scenes, there is complex machinery that must run precisely and smoothly to ensure safe and reliable operation. Whether you are splashing through water, sailing above the tree lines, or being wowed by animations and simulations, powerful equipment that depends on the science and engineering of hydraulics is enriching your activities.